Operations and Administration

Here is an overview of the internal workings of the agency and the roles of various departments

Administration and Supplies Department

  • Preparation of memorandum on matters affecting the council and other office requirements.
  • Purchasing and Distribution of office equipments to the Departments.
  • Organization of in-house workshop/ training and taking prompt action on any letter from the ministry of establishment and training and office of the head of service as regards training or other matters.
  • Co-ordinating of weekly sanitation exercise and ensuring the premises is tidy.
  • Instill disciplinary measures to erring officers.

Finance and Account Department

  • . Ensuring preparation and submission of staff salary on monthly basis.
  • Maintenance of the I.G.R. of the Council.
  • Preparation of the Annual Budget.
  • Reconciliation of the Council’s Account with relevant Authorities.
  • Signing of the Council’s Cheque

Theatre and Business Management Department

  • Co-ordination to maximally use the Cultural Centre Structure, facilities and space to generate and host Artistic and Cultural activities, socio functions and business with the view to promote and propagate the inherent Arts, Culture, Social Values of the State and more importantly to generate revenue.
    • Booking of halls and space.
    • Overseeing and monitoring of timely payments of rents.In charge of using the halls, shops and spaces of the Cultural Centre to generate revenue as outlined below:
    • House Management activities during productions in the halls and Open Space.
    • Supervision and co-ordination of sales of tickets during productions
    • Ensuring the tidiness and cleaning of facilities i.e Halls, Open Spaces and surrounding of the complex during and after use.
    • Co-ordination of shop tenants and attending to prospective clienteles.
  • Rapport with all prospective and substantive clients of the establishment with the view of giving good services.
  • Keeping register of business activities of the establishment.      Reconciliation of monthly revenue with the Account department

Visual Arts Department

  • Promotion of our Cultural heritage through Creative Arts/Works. There are four units in the Department as analysed hereunder:-

    (i) Graphics.

    (ii) Painting.

    (iii) Textile.

    (iv) Sculpture (Carving & Bronze).

    (v) Casting Unit.

  •  The Department is also in charge of Cultural Ensemble Unit handling Excursion of Students, Children Holiday Workshop, Children Cultural Quiz.

  •  The Department is blessed with officers who specializes in FLOAT MAKING.

Planning, Research and Statistics Department

  • Festival Coordinator: The department coordinates Cultural festival in Oyo State. It records and documents these festivals for posterity and research purposes.
  • Reports Collation: the department collated and compiled the annual and monthly reports of the Council.
  • Budget Preparation: PR&S is also saddled with the responsibility of preparation and planning of Budget Estimate of the Council each year.
  • Calendar of Activities: members of staff of the department usually met at the beginning of each year to prepare Calendar of activities for the establishment, which usually becomes the Council’s Modus Operandi for the year.
  • Attending to Students on Research.

Performing Arts Department

  • Honouring Airport receptions on behalf of Oyo State.Honouring International Cultural invitations or Cultural Exchange Programme performances.Staged Play Productions:
  • Attending Cultural Invitations performances.Command Performances.
  • Literature Texts for Schools.
  • Stage plays for entertainment and propaganda for the State Government.
  • Participation at Traditional Festivals like Sango festival, Oranyan festival, Egungun festival, Twins festival etc.